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Where to now in MTT's

    • Vaughanstar
      Joined: 22.01.2011 Posts: 4
      Im close to 300 MTT's on Stars, My goal spend a month gaining experience at playing the largest MTT tournaments at the micro levels whilst trying to keep an ABI of under $80c with +exchange rate to USD in 181+ MTT's,im not that concerned with the ROI as the main point is to practise and use strategies that get to the money, when i compared my stats in the last 30 days to seasoned Vet's apart from the obvious aspects im in the same range pretty much overall "in the money placings",However i generally have a larger average field size by far in some cases.
      Im wondering if its time to step up a level, Whilst its been ok playing micro's im unsure if I should keep developing my game at this stake level and keep trying to avoid developing bad habits that are so obvious, Whilst still trying the odd $5+ buy in MTT's. To be honest ive read very few articles here other then the MTT's section they are excellent but im perhaps already aware of most concepts thus far at least, OF course ill keep reading through the content here, never read a poker book, So any suggestions on what might help me gain further skill and knowledge without ruining my natural style would be most welcome, when i say natural I mean just that, and yes i probably play unconventionally as far as position is concerned my last 90 hands reflect this.
      Hold'em (Real Money):

      90 hands played and saw flop:
      - 19 times out of 19 while in small blind (100%)
      - 18 times out of 20 while in big blind (90%)
      - 40 times out of 51 in other positions (78%)
      - a total of 77 times out of 90 (86%)

      Pots won at showdown - 17 out of 37 (46%)- a day of 2 outs
      Pots won without showdown - 11
      I have many years of Live poker experience , IM outstanding at reading people even as a kid, However Online poker is like playing blind folded/ im tell less to me, I ran at a 78% final table in live poker over last year, I guess this is unrealistic to get anywhere near that Online...
      So where to now..... Any advice would be greatly appreciated, this is my first month playing MTT's online in a serious manner just to help you gauge where im at. Thank You Vaughany
      You can Pm me if you want my PlayerName on Stars to further help,
      106 VPP this year in micro MTT's.
      =============== without est RA
      Multi Table 180- $37<$0-11% $1.03 0093 0% 05/40 13%
      Multi Table 181+ $74<$0-49% $1.15 1850 7% 25/212 12%
      .........................$111<$0 -41% $0.73 1547 5% 30/256 15%
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      When you start with such weak hands, you are giving yourself a large disadvantage. In live play, you might be able to dig yourself out of that hole because typical live opponents are terrible and you may be good at reading them. You might just be fooling yourself, though, and you might be spewing chips with the bottom of your ultra-loose range even in live play.

      In online play, you can't expect to make up for the huge amount of extra blinds you are paying by playing almost every hand, and defending your big blind against almost every raise. If you move up, you will be a very easy target for serious players who have HUDs showing how loose you are. If you want to win, a good first step is to work on your preflop play, learning to play the hands which are profitable according to the strength or weakness of your position and the bets of the other players. It sounds like you will reject that as going against your style, but is following that style more important to you than winning? You may find folding most hands boring, but you can try playing several tournaments at once so that you are involved in a pot or two much of the time.
    • Vaughanstar
      Joined: 22.01.2011 Posts: 4
      In hindsight that probably wasnt the best sample as it was after 8 $0.02 short stack hyper turbo's.
      ill endevour to get some better stats as i understand and agree with what your saying, Im going to read all of those articles and apply that knowledge, Thank you for the great advice Im going to follow that :)