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    • jude077
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      just wondered what to and what not when you reach the final table.
      i have reached four final tables in the last week on party poker. 9$ 1grand
      $9 1grand again and 11$ 5grand. results 6,4 and third. to reach the final table i played really tight but once i reached the final table i went from tight to loose everytime and just can1t understand why, advise pls

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    • SvenBe
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      he jude,
      I've moved your question to our MTT-forum, seeberger and a lot of other MTT-players might assist you on this matter!
      Btw,it might be a good idea to join our MTT-Live-coaching, see it in our coaching plan: Coaching-Plan
    • curnow
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      the final tables are the easiest part of tourneys to play , play loads of single table sng & pretty much all you need , its getting to those final tables is the problem
    • evertonroar
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      i dont think you are supposed to loosen up dramatically when you reach the final table, but i guess a lot depends on your relative stack size. I dont play the big tournaments but have plenty of the 90 man final tables under my belt, and i always seem to do well tightening up at the final table (as im pretty lose around the bubble - note the bubble on these 90 man turbos is justbefore the final table). anyway i digress. i tighten up and let poeple knock each other out and i wait. wait for that one spot, where i can substatially add to my pile (like someone trying to steal my blind when i have 77+, A9+.

      The when its down to four, i basically play ICM. Steal alot with good/medium hands (say on button A6+). And raise big - dont frig around like raising 3XBB when you only have 8BB.

      Luck is also a factor and if you are making the final table as regularly as you say, it wont be long till you win a couple of big ones. gl