Hello From Brazil

    • romuloregb
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      HI MY NAME IS ROMULO...my blog is XXX [Edited by EagleStar88] and XXX .

      I LOVE PLAY POKER..my name in fulltiltpoker and pokerstrars is romuloregb I'm need of some money to real play, because my 50$ not have more...

      PLEASE some help me..with 1 dollar... :s_love:
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    • erptech
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      First before it gets pwned
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi romuloregb & welcome to the PokerStrategy community, good to see you.

      Please however take time to read through our forum rules.

      It is against the rules to request money from other members. This rule is in force for the protection of all members, including yourself, from personal data or financial loss.

      We would also appreciate you not posting links to external blogs and links. You are welcome to set up a blog here within the PokerStrategy community.

      Thanks for your understanding and look forward to getting to know you a little better in due course.

      Best regards,