Staking agreements

    • dochazard
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      I'm currently staking a player to play an SNG series in our local cardroom. I actually played in the last series and I'm placed to play in the month-end leaderboard freeroll. However, given that this month I won't have much time to play, I opted to stake the first placer in the leaderboard to this month's series.

      Our agreement is I roll him for all the games (300 per), plus the buy-in to the side bet pool for a grand. Split is 50/50 of all SNG winnings, plus the prop bet, all the way to winnings in the month end leaderboard.

      I'm pretty sure it's a very fair agreement, but does anybody have other ideas? Usually when I stake or get staked for a big MTT outside my roll, I offer/ask for 50/50 or 40/60 sharing for the staker after buy-in is returned, same percentages with no buy-in back if the final table is made.

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