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Dollar is what I need. Hey, hey.

    • Anger86
      Joined: 17.08.2008 Posts: 511
      Hello strategists,
      Here is my first poker blog and first blog at all.

      I’m from Latvia. I was born in 1986.
      Education: Maritime Engineer.

      I really like music. Stuff like metal, rock, blues, reggae.
      A lot of stuff, where are guitars. I also play guitar (not in band though, yet).
      Playing video games. Chilling on the couch. Attending rock concerts.
      Watching movies. Another fun stuff.

      Poker beginnings:
      I started to play poker 2 or 3 years ago. I guess it was something like $3 SNG.
      I was pretty bad back then. I deposited 50$ on different poker platforms like 5-6 times and lost every penny.
      Then, 1.5 years ago, I improved a little bit at BSS NL cash FR and deposited $200 somewhere.
      From that point I was rather a breakeven player. I was mostly winning rake-back.
      Somehow, I grinded up my BR to $600 (With a help of 2-3 MTT’s).
      1 year ago I started to play NL25 6-max with a BR of 25 BI ($ 625). Later - NL50 also with 25 BI ($1 250).

      Now I’m playing NL50 6-max with a very conservative BR, which is 80 BI or $4k.
      I feel, I could start playing NL 100 pretty soon (took some shots),
      but at the same time there is some stuff I really want to learn first.
      I think I’ll play NL100 more, when I’ll have 50 BI or $5k for sure.

      The Future:

      It is matter of time until I make more money with poker, than with my job.
      I can’t predict my income so easily, but I can improve a lot.

      Blog’s anthem:
      That was a lot of reading, I guess. So here is my poker blog’s anthem for relaxation:

      Blog’s content:
      1. I’ll try to write more about strategy itself, which would include mathematics,
      opponent types, hand ranges, etc. Sometimes about my life, if I feel so.
      So - I’ll put main effort to knowledge, strategy, learning habits, exercises, etc. :f_p:
      2. Also, write less about short term stuff like – here is my cool 1k hands upswing. :s_mad:

      I would like to approach this blog also as your blog, if you want to improve.
      I don’t mind doing it together.

      Have fun.
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    • JohnTheGreatest
      Joined: 28.01.2010 Posts: 1,178
      Hey, hey! :s_biggrin:

      Welcome to this great english blogging community! Nice to see more latvians here! :)

      I'm 6-max cash player as well (NL2 to NL5 on Stars atm), though started with SNGs on Full Tilt, but quit them. It's all in my blog, you can take a look!

      Will definetly follow this!

      Lai veicas! :s_cool:
    • GustavsB
      Joined: 30.08.2009 Posts: 7
      Turies! :)
    • alberts1955
      Joined: 13.04.2010 Posts: 251
      sup anger86 and gl on reaching that NL100 :s_cool:
      veiksmi :f_biggrin:
    • Sapiente
      Joined: 22.01.2011 Posts: 14
      I nice begining and I like your atitude very much! Will follow your progress and hopefully I can learn a thing or two in the process too :)
    • Anger86
      Joined: 17.08.2008 Posts: 511
      ATM I’m having some course for 1 month, so it’s going to be harder in the start.

      Well, there really aren’t any, except for:
      1. As I have a course now for 1 month and won’t be able to have a good internet connection,
      then after that I’ll book a coach for about 5 (or more) sessions.

      1. As I said, I’m playing with very conservative BR.
      That might change after I have some sessions with coach.
      For now – climb up to NL100, when I’ll have 50 BI for that.

      1. As I’m trying to be a long term oriented player, then my 1st goal is:
      not to look at my cashier, graphs, other money stuff for one month.
      After 1 month I’ll check how I’m doing.
      Then post some pictures here, if I have played at least 25k hands.

      2. Post hands. I have some interesting theory ATM: I should post 1 hand every day.
      Reason for that is that there are 365 days in a year, so there will be 365 hands per year.
      I think it’s better to do that, than post 10 hands a day once in a month.
      In a long term might be better.

      3. Learning sessions. I’ll create some exercises (which is short term), which I’ll do every day (long-term).
      It might be 30 min or 1 hour a day. (When I’ll create them, I’ll post them here, so you can take a look).

      4. Watch 1 video in every 2 days and make notes about it on the paper.
      Should do this:
      - Listen, what coach is saying;
      - Pause video;
      - Say my version, predict the further actions;
      - Start video;
      - Listen, what coach is saying,
      - Pause video;
      - Rephrase that;
      - Summarize;
      - Start video;
      - Etc.
      Write everything down. Try to understand, how can I implement that into my game strategy.

      PS: Thank you all for support. So I’ll go write a message to my possible coach now.
    • Dublimax
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 2,233
      Hey Anger,

      I asked you for friendship, I would like to discuss few things with you about database analysis.


      Edit: we can't send a message anymore when we request friendship...
    • Anger86
      Joined: 17.08.2008 Posts: 511
      Originally posted by Dublimax
      Hey Anger,

      I asked you for friendship, I would like to discuss few things with you about database analysis.


      Edit: we can't send a message anymore when we request friendship...

      Realy? We can't? Didn't know that.
      You can contact me through skype:
      - Andis (Zee);
      - Country: Latvia.

      Blog stuff:
      I'll do some more, when I'll be home more often. (After March, 18)
      Not a big chance to do much, while I'm traveling from city to city.

    • dienaszaglis
      Joined: 12.06.2008 Posts: 999
      We want more! :D

      We can always find excuses for being lazy! :P
    • Anger86
      Joined: 17.08.2008 Posts: 511
      Originally posted by dienaszaglis
      We want more! :D

      We can always find excuses for being lazy! :P

      Sure thing, bro!
      I've been working on "3-bet/5-bet from blinds" stuff lately.
      Could start with that and post some useful math here.

      A few things went wrong with other materials however.
      Meaning, sometimes we improve faster and then it
      makes no sense to post some s**t.

      See ya!
    • Anger86
      Joined: 17.08.2008 Posts: 511
      We usually 5-bet shove pretty strong hands as
      a SB vs. BU 4-bet (like TT+, AQs+, AQo+),
      but sometimes it can be profitable to shove small pocket pairs, too.
      Have fun reading this.

      Examples will be shown in BB not in $, so all the players would get it easier.
      I don’t know the rake stuff, so there won’t be included one.
      Let’s get started.

      - Game: NL Hold’Em 6-max;
      - Effective stacks: 100 BB’s;
      - Players playing: BU & BB;
      - BU is TAG, 10k hands, 4-bet range: 9%;
      - BB (Hero) with 55.

      Everyone folds to BU:
      - BU opens to 3 BB’s,
      - SB folds,
      - BB 3-bets to 10 BB’s,
      - BU 4-bets to 24 BB’s;
      - BB shoves other 90 BB’s with 55.

      Calculate the EV of Hero’s shove in this situation, if BU value range is:
      a) QQ+, AKo, AKs (2.6 %);
      b) JJ+, AKo, AKs (3 %);
      c) TT+, AQo+, AQs (4.7%).
      Just try to think yourself about EV calcs before you click “spoiler”.

      Fold Equity:

      First of all, let’s calculate how much Fold Equity (FE) we got vs. each range:
      A) BU value range is QQ+, AKo, AKs (2.6 %), but his whole 4-bet range is 9%.
      FE = (What we win) / (All 4-bet range) = (9-2.6)/9 = 6.4/9 = 0.71 = 71%

      B) BU value range is JJ+, AKo, AKs (3 %), but his whole 4-bet range is 9%.
      FE = (What we win) / (All 4-bet range) = (9-3)/9 = 6 /9 = 0.66 = 66%

      C) BU value range is TT+, AKo, AKs (4.7 %), but his whole 4-bet range is 9%.
      FE = (What we win) / (All 4-bet range) = (9-4.7)/9 = 4.3 /9 = 0.48 = 48%

      Structure of EV calculation
      Now we have to do EV calcs. To understand the equations better I made some picture:
      As you can see, there are 2 possible actions that can occur after our 5-bet:
      1. BU folds and we win the pot.
      2. BU calls, now again we have another 2 possible scenarios:
      2.1. We have some pot equity (EQ) and we win sometimes;
      2.2. However Villain has some more EQ too and we lose.

      EV calc - theoretical

      EV(5-bet) = Pot * (FE) + (1-FE) * [EQ*(What we win) – (1-EQ)*(What we lose)]

      Here are the explanations of each calculation’s part:
      - Pot = sum of BB’s each player has put into the pot before Hero 5-bet shoves.
      Pot = (SB) + (BB) + (BU) = 0.5 + 10 + 24 = 34.5 BB’s
      - FE = 0.71 as we calculated, therefore (1-FE) = (1-0.71) = 0.29
      - EQ = 33% = 0.33 (From PokerStove), therefore (1-EQ) = (1-0.33) = 0.67
      - What we win = his stack + dead money =
      = 100 (BU) + 0.5 (SB) + 10 (BB) = 110.5 BB’s
      - What we lose = other part of money = 200 – 110.5 = 89.5 BB’s

      EV calc - practical

      Our EQ vs. QQ+, AKo, AKs (2.6 %) is 35% = 0.35
      EV (A) = 34.5 * (0.71) + (0.29) *[0.35*(110.5) – (0.65)*(89.5)]
      EV (A) = 24.5 + (0.29) * [38.558]
      EV (A) = 24.5 + (0.29) * [- 19.5]
      EV (A) = 24.5 – 5.6
      EV (A) = 18.9 BB’s

      Our EQ vs. JJ+, AKo, AKs (3 %) is 36% = 0.36
      EV (B) = 34.5 * (0.66) + (0.34) * [0.36*(110.5) – (0.64)*(89.5)]
      EV (B) = 18.5 BB’s

      Our EQ vs. TT+, AKo, AKs (4.7 %) is 37% = 0.37
      EV (C) = 34.5 * (0.48) + (0.52) * [0.37*(110.5) – (0.63)*(89.5)]
      EV (C) = 16.5 BB’s

      Conclusions so far:

      When we look at PokerStove for other hands to shove vs. 4-bet,
      we can clearly see, that pocket pairs are the best hands for this trick.
      If Villain is 4-betting wide, then even 95s or 67o could be profitable to shove,
      although we shouldn’t forget, that we want to use hands with better equity more often.
      Small, medium pocket pairs are also pretty hard to play on the flop,
      simply because our equity often sucks.
      So, our semi-bluffs would be just bad, because we only want to see set.
      However, suited connectors or gappers are better for FE+EQ on the flop and turn.
      We analyzed our EV of 5-bet shove vs. opponent, who has a huge 4-bet percentage,
      but most often it won’t be so huge (I guess).
      In this case we have to find our FE using the same calculation.

      Finding FE:

      This is the previous calculation:
      EV(5-bet) = Pot * (FE) + (1-FE) * [EQ*(What we win) – (1-EQ)*(What we lose)]

      Now, we have to change it:

      Pot * (FE) + (1-FE) * [EQ*(What we win) – (1-EQ)*(What we lose)] = 0

      The only things we want to change are:
      - We set the whole calc equal to zero;
      - We know these: pot, both equities, what we win, what we lose;
      - Only thing, we don’t know is: Fold Equity.
      So we put “x” and “1-x” in spots of “FE” and “1-FE” and find out our “x”.

      It would look like this:

      KNOW * (x) + (1-x) * [KNOW*(KNOW) – (KNOW)*(KNOW)] = 0
      KNOW * (x) + (1-x) * [KNOW] = 0

      How can we use our FE from this calculation?
      Well, we can simply find our breakeven point and then go up from there.
      I’ll do some math and explanations later about it, too.

      Please give me your comments.
      Maybe you have something to add?
    • Anger86
      Joined: 17.08.2008 Posts: 511
      Fail#1. Poker is a though game, in the beginning.
      Once we understand it from our loses,
      we show some interest in finding a decent poker site to learn from.

      Fail#2. We start to learn and find out that there are some charts and stuff.
      Our pre-flop play is somewhat decent, but post-flop terrible.
      Possibly we turn from a losing players into a break-even ones.
      But ... we want to win, that's too less. Break-even is no good.

      So, we start to post a lot of hands in forums, buying books,
      booking a coach, for example, and hope for the best.
      Cool, then we start to improve daily.
      In a matter of time we are solid winning players.
      Nice! Now, we might think that things are rolling for us, but ... nope!
      We improved so much, that now we are checking our cashier, graphs, BB/100 stats way too often.
      We now think that we play better. So, there should be difference
      in our results, so let's check it out 5 times per session.

      Fail#4. We get it, now! At least! We are no more looking at those stats.
      Is it all done, then? Aren't we failing anymore?
      No, says the man. We will fail forever.
      The more we fail, the better we get.

      Be proud, that you have a very though obstacle in your way
      and don't whine and don't cry.
      You will be so strong after you get over it, because next time,
      when you will meet it, you will crush it with no problems.
      Laugh about it, if you have a harder obstacle, than you opponents
      or poker buddies, because you are the lucky one and you will be the
      one, who will get stronger and better.