This is actually my second blog but the 1st one was 6 max and I've moved on from that - also I wasn't updating it so I'll have to update this one :f_biggrin:

my 6 max experience

I decided to try and grind out 6 max sngs but due to me having access to a lot more resources about FR, the fact that they are easier to multitable (well I have played 10 6 max turbos before but it's not good for the wrists!)

I tried out playing 6 max $1.20 on william hill and here's the result

FR experience - $1.20

I actually only decided to try out FR tables as 6 max were not filling up very quickly. So I started playing 6 tables(2 6 max turbos, 1 reg 6 max, 2 reg 10 max, 1 reg 10 max)

here is my 10 max graph which was a bit swingy - especially as I hit a very good upswing and then, on the back of that, I went 42 games without any wins(infact I think it was even more)

Review of my January goals:

500 games - [ :f_cool: ]
Gold status - [ :f_cool: ]
All silver content - [ :f_mad: ]
Finish Secrets of SnGs - [ :f_mad: ]

In January I managed to build up my bankroll to ~60 BI for the $2.25 level on FTP. On monday I'll start my grinding there.

February goals:

720 games, FR only - [ ]
All gold SnG content - [ ]
All silver SnG content - [ ]

muchos gracias