[Application] Looking for a Stake to take me to NL50 :)

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      First of all, a bit of background, and i'll try to keep it brief :) Basically I started seriously playing BSS at the beginning of August last year. I started with $50 and am currently on NL25FR after around 160k hands played due to a few necessary cashouts (Which won't be needed anymore, at least I hope not :p).

      I'm currently playing NL25FR at Pokerstars and I am very committed to both putting volume in and imrpoving and progressing my game. I also think I have a very good mindset when it comes to poker, in that I rarely, if ever tilt. Even if I do have a little moan in my blog (Feel free to check it out if you want :p) I am always able to accept that bad swings will happen and I never let it affect my game.

      Why do I want a stake?

      I basically want to boost my Bankroll so I can play NL50FR on Stars, because from the shots i've taken at it I think I am already capable of beating it, and with some improvement I could do very well there. But due to some bad swings last month and a small withdrawal my Bankroll is down on the brink of NL10/NL25 limits. I am also trying to get Supernova on Stars this year, so don't really want to have to drop down.

      What I would require is a boost to my bankroll in the region of $600, or if you want me to be more comfortably rolled than 25 buyins slightly more, but that is entirely up to you. If at first you would like me to only play a small amount of NL50 whilst mixing in my usual NL25 then that is completely fine, but again it's up to you.

      In terms of how long this stake will be, again I will leave that decision largely to what you would want from this stake, be it a time restricted stake or a hand-limit.

      I would also prefer if the staker had some knowledge about NL50FR so advice could be given on the game, but if that's not possible I understand.

      You can expect full dedication from me, and I will normally be able to put in 50k+ hands a month, so volume should not be an issue. If you need any more information or have any questions about my application feel free to leave me a community message and i'll get back to you the same day :D

      Thanks for reading, and I hope we can sort something out!
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