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Are the Starting Hands Charts consistent?

    • locotyson
      Joined: 07.01.2011 Posts: 20

      The full question is : Are the Starting Hands Charts consistent? Table simulation based on PS SHC :D

      As a beginner, the "first" next step for me in poker was the starting hand charts and this worked pretty fine where I used to play just any hand and now I've restricted my starting hands to the top hands and included position in my "strategy" :f_cool: .

      Now, it's not that I'm septikal but at what extent the SHC efficiency has been proven. :f_confused:

      I mean if we have a software that deals random hands and each bot-player with chips equally ditributed has to follow exactly the SHC rules, it is supposed that in the long term the table remains steady.

      I'm just wondering if such simulation has been applied even on one player to validate it?

      Of course, I'm not taking into consideration the psychological and bluff part, I'm just trying to figure out how a chart can stand for an efficient algorithm and if ever this can or has been proven. ?(
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    • ExMagnusxL
      Joined: 03.04.2010 Posts: 59
      The starting hand chart was designed by players with a huge amount of experience, hundreds maybe thousands of hours playing the game. It was designed by them to give beginners a good preflop strategy to keep you out of tough situations post flop as you learn to play the game. Everything post flop is up to you on how you decide to play the hand, though I suggest you apply the strategy articles.

      There is no real way to test by computer simulation because there is no bot sophisticated enough to play the game like a noob, let alone like a pro. So you are just going to have to trust that the creators of the chart new what they were doing. (Which they did)

      Good luck on the table!