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      Hi all,
      So I finally decided to start with my own blog.

      about me
      My name is Honza. I'm 19 years old guy from Ostrava (east of Czech Republic).
      I am still student and currently study the last year of high school and hope that I will be at University next year.
      I like almost all kinds of sports especially cycling, running, hiking, climbing, volleyball, squash... . And in the past I spent a lot of time by playing PC games like CoD, CS, Warcraft 3 and WoW. Fortunatelly, I was already cured from addiction to World of Warcraft.
      And my worst characteristic is that I am so much lazy. Eg. I am starting to write this blog around 3months maybe longer. :s_cool:

      I started with poker year ago. First of all I played it with my schoolmates in school and then tried some freerolls on pokerstars.
      Then I discovered pokerstrategy and got $50 starting capital on Full Tilt.
      So I started to play $1 MTT SNG(27, 45man) on FT but didn't know anything about poker and I was losing money. I was absolutely fishy losing player but tried shot on $3 90KO and with luck won 1st place and my BR moved to 100$.
      Then of course as fish, I almost all lost in $1 45man SNGs. When My BR was only 20$ I decided to study how to play and change to $1 STT. Then my BR finally began to grow.

      I slowly moved up to $2,$6 and with beginning of this year to $12 STT Turbo where I am for now.

      February goals:
      • Make at least gold iron man
      • More study and review my game
      • Post more to hand evaluation forum
      • Watch more videos (I have seen only 1 video from <3 and I have to change it)

      Long term goals:
      • Make my own blog
      • Spend time more efectively
      • Don't be so lazy as now

      Lifetime 6s graph

      I was 97 BIs under $EV :s_cool:

      And here is my January 12s graph
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