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Football Hold'em NL

    • Meda1985
      Joined: 26.01.2011 Posts: 233
      After this bizzarre gameweek of Premier League football I've noticed how much football (since this is a British site and USA-citizens are not allowed to sign up, I will not use, to me, very ugly and unnecessary term - soccer, although it is Superbowl night) and Texas Hold'em Poker have in common? No?! Wasn't Arsenal chipleader on yesterdays game and then Diaby tilted?! If you have pocket kings does that mean you are supposed to go all-in no matter what?! I mean Chelsea does, but Liverpool won even without pocket jacks. Didn't ManU play to much NIT (I hope it is a proper term for a player that plays only with monster hole-cards) and lose?!
      There are examples like this throughout football history, not just this weekend and just in Premiership. Look at my favorite team in Championship. To agressive! Maybe the most atractive team in the league, but only sixth and we all know how badly they play in play-offs. Or, look outside of British Isle. Take Bayern for example this weekend. From 2:0 to 2:3. I think that's an example of inproper loose play. Or let's look at the past season, was Inter really the best club in Europe?! But, non the less, bluff here, risk there, fold when necessary and they won in Champions League final. Or, quarterfinal of World Cup, didn't Luis Suarez show the best example of continued bluff, ever?! Even earlier, Maradona's Hand of God?! Lots of examples, LOTS!
      Theese are just mine superficial observations. Tell me your thoughts on the matter. Maybe we can look at this more thoroughly, if it is interesting enough...
      Listen to Kasabian and reply! ;)
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