hi and thxs :D

    • hitforsix
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      hi i joined up thru yous and decided to put yur theroy in to practice .!! it works well i played a 5.50$ tournie rebuy 2300$ guareteed and i came 7th with out rebuying and with out adding on . there are alot of maniacs here but i was patient and it worked for me on the final table i started in third the maniacs were all in everyhand with high blinds ( hard to call with all those maniacs) but i had to do something so i was in late position with only the blinds in play so i went all in with my 55s i got gready you can say for the 1stime and it bit me in my bum the small blind called with ace 7 off suite pulling two 7s on the flop :( but its ok im happy it took under 2 hours this was the first tournies/table i played and im happy to off profited from it
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi hitforsix!

      Welcome at PokerStrategy and congratulations for your success! But please stick to the rules of the bankroll management. It seems like you played a tournament which was way too expensive for a $50 bankroll.

      Good luck at the tables!