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$$ Past -> Present -> Future $$ becoming Poker Grinder

    • KillerFishes
      Joined: 11.07.2010 Posts: 2,313
      Hi guys!

      I am David, 18 years guy from Czech republic. I am playing poker for 2-3 years at first I've played just with friends you know, home games :) ...

      I've decided that I am gonna take it seriously on pokerstars - because I really liked VPP program (I know in Silver/Gold it sucks but still)...
      I was playing like 3/4 of the year only freerolls and I was studying the poker (videos, blogs, articles just not TV because it's not poker for me :) ) ...
      I've made like 400$ in freerolls and microstakes cashgame (very lucky I have to say) ... It was almost half a year back and I really didn't want to invest it in poker so I bought a lot of cool stuff and my 400$ just vanished like my girlfriend :) )

      After that I had pause I thought it was just a big luck but even if I wasn't playing at all I was still studying and reading forums...
      4.1.2011 I made my first deposit on PS! I started by playing NL2, I gotta say I have been playing DotA + pure Wacraft 3FT since I was 12 or 13 and who knows that game it requiers a bit of micro(as many actions per sek. possible) ... :) And we played it kind of profesionally 4hours per usually (trainings, tournaments, sponsoring... not just public :) )

      So there is where I gained quick fingers and kind of gamer thinking I think... :) I played it for almost 7 years and I was moving in several clans until I had to leave the last one - gf > dota :D
      I was looking for something next because I am kind of competitor I like getting good at something and working hard = Poker... Then started my "freeroll carrer"

      Back to present or at least not so old past .. :) split up with my gf -> poker =100% .... I started NL2 I am using HEM/Tableninja and I started playing like 10 tables it was quite easy -> 16 tables still not enough and in the first day of playing I went to 24 tables :)
      Reason why I am playing so many tables is that I want to clear the first deposit bonus on PS and I am doing pretty good (130$/600$ already)...

      I went from 80$-> 250$ and I started playing on NL5 (2.2 first full NL5 session) ... At these days I am ~400$!

      Also about in half of my way to the NL5 I made just great thing - I binded keyboard on my gamepad and I am playing poker with my gamepad! That rock guys! :) )

      My future plans are simple - I know I am having hot run now :) Still I had really pretty bad starting in NL2 (80k hands only 1.5bb/100) it's kind of because I was getting used to + I was really a lot of worse than I am now (but I want still to improve ofc) ... NL5 (25k hands 5bb/100 - better start, hot run I know it will go down in these or next week but even 3bb/100 will be great for me) if I count I am 24 tabling!...

      I want to become supernova next year (and if I will stay in hotrun like for more 5 months I think it's possible to make it even this year but I am not so optimistic)..

      I want to become really a big grinder (something like nanonoko!) .. I spend really a lot of time by playing poker and more by studying it! I am working hard on myself and I think it works. ofc NL2/NL5/NL10 will be pretty easy though ... I am more afraid of NL25/NL50...

      My plan is to play at least! 100k hands in NL5 and move to NL10 with more like 600$. There play more like 200k hands and really be sure there and then start to mix like 20NL10/4NL25 and so on :) As I will play all 24 tables NL25 I am going to reach supernova and play there a looot of hands :) I think I will stay there until next year for sure because NL50 will be really HUGE gap I guess :) Especially for me playing 24 tables ...

      Ye so that's it I think :) I really don't suppose that there's ANYONE who read it all, I am writing it more for myself to be motivated:) But if there is someone thank you for reading my blog, I am gonna edit now more info about my sessions/ games maybe some interesting hands, which I usually post in hand ev. :)

      Thanks you for your time!

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