SnG $1 - How should I play it?

    • dclucas
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      Hello there, I wanna know what's the best way to play on these SnG's...

      I mean, I always wait for a strong hand like AK, AQ, KK, something like that.. and when I get them I play it agressive... but what about if we are on middle stage of the tournament and someone goes all-in against me and I'm holding one of those hands? Should I call? Fold? or what?

      I just got 3 bad beats that took me out of the tournaments,
      AJ X A6
      AK X AQ
      AQ x KT

      that's why I'm a bit confused about how to play it.

      Hope you guys help me out here,

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    • Ezhuks
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      Well, bad beats are bad beats - they can happen regardless of your strategy, so don't be too disheartened.
    • Donmecon
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      If an opponent pushes all in before you have acted then with AK or AQ I would fold if your opponent has more chips than you. If they have less chips than you I would call with AK. AQ is a fold. KK is always an all in pre-flop hand regardless. If you have ten big blinds or less I would call an all in with all of these hands.
    • scriptacle
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      I try not to go allin preflop, and call allin only with JJ+ AKs. It's always better to see the flop first, if you hit it fine, even if you don't you can push with overcards on some flops. (if you're over 10 bb of course)

      But all in all during the middle phase of you'll have to deal with preflop allins usually from short stacks who could easily be calling on a wider range - any pocket pair really and A8s+. You'll still get beat by a pocket pair if you don't flop any pairs or additional outs.

      Also I've played some 1$ sng and you get a lot of people playing it like it's freeroll and going all in and the first strong hand they draw. So pick your battles and outlast them that's the idea anyway.
    • entfoto
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      bad beats are bad beats

      it part of this game.