Challenge GRINDER: 24 tabling NL2->NL50/100 ...

    • KillerFishes
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      Hello guys!

      Since 3. Januar 2011 when I have posted my first deposit on PS I am multitabling 24 tables using TableNinja, HEM and a lot of other equity stuff.. Like 2 weeks ago I've made the best thing :) ) I binden my gamepad so it writes letters and then with tableninja => I am playing poker by my gamepad !! It works well and it's pretty fast! :)
      I am doing pretty well as I've made already 80$-> 400$, which I have today + next 10$ are coming in 10VPP (VPPreward) ouch yeah!! :)
      I played over 120k (about 100k NL2 and NL5 about 20k) hands in 30 days... And I've already moved to NL5 I think I was about 50-60 buyins ...

      I am going to play next 100k hand in NL5 and if I'll have about 50-60buyins I will make a shot on NL10 ... I hope it'll work ...

      I am making big money even though I don't have really good winrate (NL2 2bb/100 - because first 40k hands were downswing + a lot of leaks which I could delete from my game very fast thx 24 tabling) and NL5 20k hands 5bb/100 ...
      As I will get to NL25 I think it's possible with my time spending to poker play on SN on NL100 it's SNE ofc :) I want to reach SN next year and SNE next 2 years from now ... :)

      I would really like to make broll on NL100 in this year, because in the next one I am graduating so I should have really a lot of free time to spend on poker :) However, it's far away from now, but I am working hard ...

      I should say that multitabling of 24 tables doesn't make any problems to me because I was playing from 13 PC game - Warcraft 3 FT + DotA kind of profesionaly, we had a team sponsors and we were training like 4-5 hours per day too ... :)

      I gotta say it's the best way to make money by playing GEJMZ :D

      If you are interested here is the link for the blog of this challenge :)
      Challenge GRINDER: 24 tabling NL2->NL100 reaching SNE :) ...
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    • achschelo
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      24 tabling...never understood how people manage it. A video would be cool.
      The gampad thingi sounds awesome too.
      GL with your plan.
    • arisko
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      congratz. This sounded more like the name of a poker blog. U sure u're not starting one? would be interesting to follow...

      Expect to see a comment soon on how 24-tabling is not good for progressing skill-wise
    • AjoPP1
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      Well, great success so far :f_biggrin: If I only knew how to make this much moneyz :D Im taking my shots at multitabling turbo DoNs, will see how it goes, otherwise I really dont know how to profitably multitable(I mean like 8+) tables of CG, do you play fit or fold or whats the secret? =)
    • erptech
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      hmmm, this is next level thinking, congrats on your winnings and innovation !

      you the man!