[NL2-NL10] NL2 SH AQo [Top pair only]- strange opponent

    • bkevk09
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      £0.01/£0.02 No Limit Holdem
      6 Players
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      UTG kekle111 (£7.01)
      UTG+1 bkevk009 (£4.74)
      CO jerlovn (£5.45)
      BTN LuckyFlower (£5.48)
      SB Randy29 (£4.96)
      BB reisarinn (£1.57)

      Pre-Flop: (£0.03, 6 players)
      kekle111 raises to £0.04, bkevk009 calls £0.04, 3 folds, reisarinn calls £0.02

      Flop: :8d: :6s: A: (£0.13, 3 players)
      reisarinn checks, kekle111 bets £0.09, bkevk009 calls £0.09, reisarinn folds

      Turn: :3h: (£0.31, 2 players)
      kekle111 bets £0.23, bkevk009 calls £0.23

      River: :9s: (£0.77, 2 players)
      kekle111 bets £0.02, bkevk009 raises to £0.83, kekle111 calls £0.81

      Final Pot: £2.43
      kekle111 shows
      T: :9c:
      bkevk009 shows
      A: Q:

      bkevk009 wins £2.27 (net +£1.08)

      reisarinn lost £0.06
      kekle111 lost £1.19

      I played passively until river
      Top pair with good kicker, not big hand but the big pot
      Maybe he thought i was bluffing

      Is it wrong to play such hands passively?
      Is it good such reraise on the river?
      As I saw later he was semi bluffing...
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    • Andyuk18
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      I think the min raise on the river is begging for a small reraise but i think you raised so high that only hands that beat you will call. As it happened he calls you with just a 9, got to love NL2.
    • veriz
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      Hello bkevk09,

      Preflop: I often times even raise here since I take such a min-raise as 2limps. But of course it depends on the opponent.

      As played
      Postflop: Somehow I don't really like the raise on river, there aren't that many worse hands to Call you. Rather raise it on flop or turn than on river.

      Best regards.