lol i'm back. inb4 troll.

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      in before "I told you so".

      So Ive decided not to quit. not yet at least; and no , I wasn't trolling originally...

      HUNL is still off limits for the time being though. I feel like I'm playing my C game, so I'm not touching it.

      meeting my coach on saturday for my first coaching session. looking forward to it :) .

      I got a lot done instead of playing poker, including:

      -driving lessons
      - excercise on treadmill while watching TV
      - job hunting
      - weight lifting [ I wanna take up breakdancing, but need muscles first]

      I decided tonight to try my hand at something poker related last night and tonight, and settled on trying out 18 man sngs, which I have never played up until now.

      Its a refreshing change and seems to fit well with me. I jumped into the $6.50s. I recorded a quick vid of tonights session and it went well, managing to come 1st, 2nd,4th ( and 1 bust) in the 4 games I recorded. i'l be posting it in the SnG forums somewhere later on tonight. ( video is rendering as we speak). would love constructive criticism from people who play the 18 man turbs :)
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