So as these messages all seem to have a one way feel to them why even bother with Moderators? Will this Article even be Read ? I would like to Wish the Rest of the players best of Luck and put them at Ease at the same time as There is no possible way that I will be attending . So been a favourite, its better to keep me away from the tables . Just in Case I might win the Event . Another thing why call it a "Grand Final" if people can buy into this event for 125€ kinda defeats the purpose now doesn't it . Or Will the winner receive A " Grand" because it says so in the title ? Why not just let these Elite 49 -50 players play a separate event for the Prize money they rightfully earned in the First Place .So getting back to the so called guaranteed 60,000€ and the 100,000€ estimated event .With 300 players directly buying in Lets just keep the figures simple for my benefit . at €125 ,25€ of this going registration fees.
Gives you the figure 37,500€
Which the 7500 is used for Expenses .
For each table of 9 players you will need 34 dealers minimum to cover the main event .
Now factor in Breaks , Out sick , and staff rotation . Lets add an extra 6 floating dealers to cover the first Day . So 40 dealers at 15€ per hour for eight hours.( even though ye are probably paying them close to the 12€ mark instead but humour me for now)=4,800€
Now I am well aware of players being knocked out on a regular basis and tables being re balanced . So the surplus of Dealers will be Sent to the Side events to cover the punters which have so rapidly exited from the Main event .
Transportation Costs and Expenses of Delivery of tables/chips and make shift booths should include ( Distance eg Dublin to Killarney approx300km,Time, weight ,gradients of roads, articulated truck hire, Loading and unloading Staff, Diesel Costs.) which should come in at my ball park figure of 1,500€ , 500 of which would be Diesel costs and the rest to cover all expenses listed .
Then getting to hotel function room costs and accommodation for staff. A good negotiator would get a excellent Deal due to the revenues provided by the food /drink and accommodation of guests within the hotel.
So lets say Main hall rental comes to €1000 euro per day at the minimum.
To put up a total of 50 staff including managers , Mediators ,dealers, masseuses and Reg staff ( e.g) I.T. staff . each night at € 50 per person . = €2500
I know I am leaving out alot of hidden Expenditure such as Electricity , projector set up for tournament and Blind structure,
So I will give a Miscellaneous account of €500.
So with 7500€ total
minus total expenses which are not as accurate as I would like them to be .
which are 10,300€
Giving a deficit of 2,800€
Right I know I have left out the sponsorship money you receive from promoters, which is sufficient enough to wipe this deficit four times over . But i am also interested if you invested in storing tables close to these main hotels to save transportation costs?. With the frequency of such events this would make perfect sense to reduce Costs .
Look forward to a proper Reply this time .
Ross O'Donovan