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    • clumber
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      The quiz is just silly. So many of the questions are just total garbage, like asking when you have to leave the table at a Nl25 can leave whenever you want. Some of them are also opinion and not fact. Ive taken it 3 times and think its pointless.
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    • doctorchips
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      It may not be my place to respond, but.....

      1. Leaving a table when you have reached a certain $$ value, and maybe starting at a new table with a smaller amount, increases your chances of building a larger bankroll by not having all profits on the table(in a NL game).

      2. In order to pass the test(or to even understand its principles) you must first study the beginners guide.

      Recommendation: Look through the site a little more and don't let frustration guide your judgement.(here OR at the tables)

    • zamwise
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      One of my friends got a boost for his bankroll when I adviced him to leave the table in case he doubles up or makes at least 50% increase to his starting stack (being quite exactly usually 2d on NL10 tables).

      The reason is quite simple. With one hand you can loose all you have in your stack. So to build up your bankroll go to table with x stack, leave with x times 1,5 and enter a new table with x stack. You can't loose the 0,5 x you left out.

      My friend didn't first understand it, but when I pointed out what I mean with this simple example: you get the aces, raise whatever you raise, one or more opponents call. The board is a rainbow with flop 277, turn Q river T, there will be a huge pot where one of the opponents have AQ, other one 27... and all what you had in your stack will be in that pot, for sure.

      That kind of hands do happen... as I'm pretty sure you all already know :)

      This is just to clear out why it's not silly to have some rules for entering and leaving the table. The more I have read the articles I see the points in those questions. And when thinking those questions you have to remember you are thinking from SSS point of view, not from an experienced BSS players side.

      Merry christmas and strong hands in tables, :)

      -- Z --
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi clumber!

      Welcome at PokerStrategy! It is essential that you understand the beginner articles in order to beat the lowest limits. If you don't understand the content of the articles you will lose the $50 starting capital soon. That doesn't benefit you and it doesn't benefit PokerStrategy. That's why I recommend: reread the articles carefully and the quiz won't be a problem for you.

      Best regards,