Tournament histroy

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    • MichaelM
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      Hey gjtonysoprano17,

      I don't think there is or rather I am not able to find it.
      What information exactly are you looking. How you performed in a certain tournament?
      You could check if it is still in the overview. I remember that there was a "finished" filter, but I am missing that too now.

      I move this thread to the PartyPoker boards, you might get more replies there.

      PS: The Sopranos roxx
    • gjtonysoprano17
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      The sopranos is class!

      Yes im looking to store my hand history so i can review my play.

      Also is there is a way of seeing tournaments entered and the result of these tournaments.

      Am i thinking too far ahead?
    • Tudazul
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      Check in your preferences - Hand History if hand history is recorded in your pc. Usually its stored at c: Program Files: Party Gaming: Party Poker: Hand History: (nickname) : (date).

      To see results of tournaments I recommend this site: OPR. It's free.