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      i am a new meber and new poker player.i will play nl cash games to built my bankroll.could you suggest me any books and articles for 6 max cash games so i could improve my game please?moreover is there a setting that the site sent me an email every time a new post arrives to my thread?
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      silver articles :P p
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      Hey belthazorrrr,

      Welcome to the boards.
      I have no book recommendation for you, but one of my colleagues just told me that Dan Harrington got a book out last year on the topic.

      Especially if you are a poker beginner, you should stick to the bank roll management. Start small, learn and evolve. Otherwise you could find yourself broke very quickly. So my advise is: read the NL articles and work you way through the strategy section.

      I have to admit that I do not know if the notification is dependend on status at the moment. Try on top of this page: Your Profile -> Edit Options ->Enable email notification by default
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      read the silver articles