Day for the donkeys to take my cash!!

    • Fagin
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      just writing this to let off some steam. Toady I am down over 8BI (I play NL5 + NL10), nearly £90, mostly lost by getting all the cash in on the turn when I am way ahead and then losing to some donkey hitting his 2, 3 or 4 outer on the river.

      With over 300K hands in PT3 I know all about variance so don't bother telling me about that. I have been through plenty of downswings before but today I could not have done worse if I covered my cards and played blind,

      I have read all the strategy articles I can (including many Platinum ones when I achieved that status last year) and they all say in effect that everytime our opponents make a mistake we gain! Well they LIE. Today when my opponents made mistakes I LOST.

      When I 3bet a pre flop raiser to 4x his raise and he calls with K3os that is (I feel) a mistake by him. When we get it all in on the turn on a 5c8h2c10d board and my JJ is good I feel I did well and he made huge errors (in my opinion, you may feel differently) - but of course he hits his K on the river and gets rewarded for his terrible play and I get punished for getting my cash in when I was way ahead.

      I played some good poker this week, making some excellent calls based on my opponents play and my reads. I built by roll little by little and today I am back down where I started and am now considering not bothering with poker at the weekends. I can and have beaten some good players and numerous bad players both live and online but even I can't beat the stupid, lucky, idiotic, plonkers who seem very happy to get all their money in with <10% chance of winning and hit every time.

      In a 90 minute session on one NL10 table today I witnessed one player (for player read donkey) go from £3 to over £46, and in the 80 or so hands he was dealt he folded 3 pre flop. He would frequently call to the river with bottom pair and naturally he would hit a second pair or trips on the river toi win the hand. I have rarely seen anyone run so hot. I know that he will run badly eventually and lose but that dosen't help how I feel now. I searched for him after he left the table and saw he had joined a NL50 table with his winnings. Over the next 25 mins he more than tripled that. I only checked tha table now and then as I was really looking to see if he was coming back down to my level so I could get on a table with position on him but no such luck for me. The few hands I saw him play on that table he was still geting lucky and hitting 3-4 outers on the river.

      I don't feel I tilted off any cash as I kept focussed on my game and generally kept getting it in good (only to lose of course), but I did decide after one final BI was pushed the wrong way across the table when my opponent hit a 4 outer on the river to beat my flopped str8 with a boat that it was time to quit for the day.

      Sorry if this seems a bit of a long rant but I am hoping that letting off some steam like this will help when I play again tomorrow.

      I hope this don't happen to you.

      Thanks for reading and thanks to PS for providing me with what I hope will be a useful outlet.
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    • Yoshimitsu77
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      Did you write all this because of a super standard 8BI downswing?
    • Fagin
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      Not the downswing which, as you say, is pretty standard. It was the manner of it. We all make mistakes and get our chips in bad at times but 90%+ of my losses today were in hands where I got all the money in on the turn where I was way ahead and where in most circumstances the villan should not even have been in the hand.

      Supposedly it is when the villan makes these mistakes that we, as "better players" due to putting time and effort into improving our game, make our money. For me today it was how I lost my money.

      It was one of those days where if I tried to pick up the blinds with AA on the button, the blinds folded. If I tried it with A9s then I was 3 bet by the sb and the bb shoved! If I saw a flop and c-bet, I won the hand there and then if I had hit and if I had missed I was raised. I was on one table for over an hour and the biggest pot I won was just over £1.5, while if I was not in the hand pots were getting to £10 easily!

      I've had worse downswings before and will probably have worse again. My previous downswings have generally been helped along by my playing tired, on tilt, when distracted or similar. Today it was just the turn of the donkeys to win and there was nothing I could do about it - except to get off the tables and leave them to it - which I eventually did!
    • scscpoker
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      At least show there your graph.
      If u succeed in getting it in on the turn when u were ahead, then we should see nice allin-ev red line.
    • evertonroar
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      so your running horrible and your nuts are getting crushed over and over again with 2 outers on the river. and this other guy is playing 98% of his hands, hitting outer after outer and is on the run of his life.

      question - why would you chase him over the tables trying to play against him?

      make of note of his name. quit poker for the day. find him in a few days and suck him dry!