Yesterday I played 666 hands and fell 6c short of my $60 target for moving up to 10c/10c. I'm taking it as a good sign and I'm moving up :f_biggrin: . At one point I was at $60.01, set all my tables to sit out next big blind, then got AJo, and lost so carried on, a little OCD about it perhaps.

Started with poker a few years back but didn't reallly get too far. Started with FL, did some SSS, (mainly for bonus clearing), and a little BSS. And now I'm back where it all began - FL(ftw).

Started playing again properly around the beginning of december last year, mainly on stars. When I first started party traffic for FR was pretty good, (even if players were mostly German Tags :P ), now though....well I guess they all got better and are prob crushing the SH high stakes. Unfortunately my stars account isn't tracked but that's ok for now, I'll just move to FT later for the PS points.

I used to be very results orientated and would tilt when I was winning as much as I was losing. Got a tilt blocker now, genius piece of work. I think pokerstrategy should make one for their software section - I want one in black with the logo in red, placed in the bottom right corner of the blocker, (thanks in advance :D )

Things I've learn't so far,

1) Get a tilt blocker, set auto-top up for stack, (why don't party have this feature?)

2) Get used to post flop play and switch to the bronze charts as soon as.

I played about 20,000+ hands using only the basic preflop charts and bronze postflop plays. I was pretty much break even. Switched to the bronze SHC and over the last 11,000+ hands I have a win rate of 2.3BB. It's a personal thing I guess, and everybody has their different experiences but the bronze charts are easily twice to quadruple as profitable, (for me at least).

Things I've yet to learn,

1)All the silver content

2) So many other things I doubt there will ever be space to write them.

3) Don't start writing a blog whilst drunk on a sunday morning,(by morning I mean 00:50).

My only goal is to keep moving up and to do all the things neccessary to achieve this, (except deposit more money as that'd be cheating).

Not sure how often I'll get back to this blog, but I'll try. Maybe every 1000 hands or so(?) But anyway, cheers for now.

When I wake up later today, 10c/20c, here I come!