$1000 milestone

    • matusko
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      Hey guys,
      Today I hit $1k bankroll, I know diamonds are going to laugh but whatever :)
      I started playing at the begining of september 2010, I didnt even know what a blind is back then. Started NL2-NL5-NL10 all 6max cash games I am currently playing NL10 still, I kinda want to play very tight BRM, bc i feel more comfortable with a bigger roll and it helps my long term plan of not becoming result oriented(if I loose a few BI it doesnt do much damage to my roll), this is still something I have to work on. I am beating NL10 on stars for 7bb/100 over 35k hands(my old database I had to delete) and would like to move up to NL25 this month. I heard a lot of people saying NL25 is much tougher than NL10, if anyone more experienced would like to share their thoughts on this, let me know :) . Like is the overall agression higher, or just fewer fish?

      Anyway if there are any struggling micros player reading this i recommend reading all silver+bronze articles on PS.com + I found verneers videos on cardrunners(nlhe sh) also very,very helfull. Also I liked TwiceT s series, i think it was called something like "Move it, move it up to the sky".

      Also I would really like to thank the guys in the hand evaluations part of the forum for the micros, esp. Veriz, helped me A LOT.
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