[NL2-NL10] Nl2 Jj

    • BettingHigh1
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      Hi !

      My first day playing at PartyPoker ! :)

      So, i was sitting on the button. Holding a pocket pair of Jacks. 3 guys before me had called, but there was no raise. According to Starting Hand Chart I raised the pot by 0.08$ (0.02 BB). Two player called.

      Here is the flop:

      Ten ; Ace ; Seven

      I raised the pot by 0.08$
      One player re-raised to 0.12$
      I called, so did the other guy.

      Turn: Three

      Actions before me: Check, and other player raised by 0.15$
      I called.

      River: Jack
      I had hit the three of a kind - Jacks
      The player who raised before, raised again by 0.20$. I called. Guy turns up with three of a kind - Aces.

      So I lost.
      Is this bad luck, or what I did wrong? Should I have folded after he (or she) re-raised me preflop?

      Sorry for my bad English.
      Thank you!
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    • Meemawuk
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      It is really difficult to evaluate the hand since it is not formatted properly. try using the pokerstrategy elephant software provided by pokserstrategy.

      We also do not know the positions of the players preflop who limped in.

      you should raise 4 times the big blind plus 1 times the big blind for every extra player who has limped into the pot. Since you say 3 people called here, your preflop Raise should be (4 x 0.02) + (3 x 0.3) = $0.14.

      After this point it is difficult to follow the action because you have typed the hand manually rather than using the hand history but I'll try to help the best I can.


      Since there is an A on board, you are likely to be behind here so you should fold.

      When he bets again on the turn you should definitely fold.

      It's fairly unlucky that you hit 1 of 2 cards that improve your hand to find that you are still behind but you should never get to the river here.
    • veriz
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      Hello BettingHigh1,

      And welcome to the forum! Glad to see new names posting their hands and trying to improve. Hopefully we will see hands from you in the future as well.

      About the game:
      Preflop: Seems to be fine.
      Flop: I guess the bet sizing is a bit smallish, I'd bet bigger near 3/4 pot or something similar, can't really say exact number since I don't see the pot. And if raised I'd just fold it, we don't beat much.

      As played if flop was Called
      Turn: Just fold it, you don't beat much anyways.

      As played if turn was Called
      River: Guess the raising size of yours is a bit smallish but overall you played badly on all previous streets. :(

      Don't you have any tracking software which gives you the future to post the real hands? And also you can overview the hands in it? You seem to have a lot of leaks in your game.

      Best regards.