Look at cashier or not?

    • clawindsouza
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      Well ive heard a lot of people say that its bad to look at your cashier while playing...

      I think its has pros too...i personally like looking at my cashier as it helps me know if im losing too much money so that i can either get up or just sit out for a min,rethink my strategy and get back.

      A lot of times (especially when im running good) i end up playing much looser and if not for looking at the cashier i don think i wouldve been able to realize my mistake until i lost a lot..

      So was just wondering wat are the pros and cons of it?
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    • JonikoP
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      I think this one varies person by person.

      For me, looking at the cashier pushes me towards results orientated thinking (rather than decision based thinking).

      Within a single session, even a long one of a few thousand hands, it's easy to make correct decisions and lose - and you should try to get to a position when you're just trying to make the best decisions in a particular situation (losing money in the short term shouldn't change the way you play).

      In addition, I find I'm more likely to tilt if I worry too much about results and I find it a distraction to be checking the cashier.

      The only pro, I guess, is knowing when you're approaching your stop-loss but even without checking the cashier, you generally have a decent idea of how your session is going.