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Strategy question. 3bet with AK?

    • spartacusro
      Joined: 29.10.2009 Posts: 415
      SNG article says that if u have AK in early stage of an sng (more then 24 bb) and u have a raiser u call

      How profitably is to make a 3bet of a raiser from MiddlePosition and LatePosition on the long run?
      How about those from EarlyPosition ?

      What things do u need to consider before 3betting with AK?

      Whats the range u should 3bet in sng`s multi-table? AA ,KK , QQ , AK or only AA and KK

      It`s wrong to 3bet with AK? are u isolating yourself against v strong hands(AA,KK,QQ)?

      -Played around 800 sng`s mtt / equivalent 81k hands played
      -I`m playing 45man`s 1.1$ sngs and 2.2$ 27man sng`s
      -in 71 hands that I had AK (stack greater then 24bb) and made a 3bet 45/71 i had won , 23/71 had lost and 3/71 was tie so 63% won/32% loose/4% tie
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    • JonikoP
      Joined: 15.05.2010 Posts: 600
      I'm a cash player but I think the principles are the same. The answer, as ever, will be that it depends.

      You can three bet if either:

      (a) Opener is opening a wide range and continuing with a narrow range (i.e. you get the majority of his hands to fold); or

      (b) Opener will call your 3-bet with a wide continuing range that you have beaten (i.e. a range that includes some of ATs, AJs, AQ and medium pairs).

      In the case of (a), calling will sometimes be better in position.

      You can call if:

      You beat a tight guys opening range but are beaten by his continuing range (i.e. you don't get enough folds when you 3-bet and when he continues you will be isolated against AA, KK, QQ which have you crushed).

      You can simply fold v a nit in the early stages of a SNG.

      Also take into consideration the players behind you.
    • deano007
      Joined: 15.02.2011 Posts: 2
      Nah i dont think its wrong to 3bet AK its just if you flat with it you keep in hands you have dominated like KQ AQ AJ maybe KJs, also you have some deception as most micro stakes opponents wont put you on AK if you just flat behind. but on the flip side you can definetly 3bet it especially if the opponent is weak and will call your 3bet with hands you dominate like the ones mentioned above, so if the guy has a high enough pfr and high enough call 3bet stat then 3betting AK for values fine