Hello from Slovakia

    • urnitemare
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      Hello guyz,

      I am from Slovakia, 3 days ago i had 18 b-day so i signed up via my friend :)
      I read the basic articles of BSS and passed the quiz 24 hours ago so currently I'm waiting :)

      I have chosen WilliamHill and i cannot find how many points do I have to gain to clear my $50?


      Your (maybe future) Nightmare :D
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    • urnitemare
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      Meanwhile, i was watching hasenbraten's NL4 video and he is really good :) His english is kind of funny but better than native speaker I would not understand to :)
    • topolman
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      Zdravim :)
      You have to rake 50$ and you have to deposit some small amount of money. Than the money is yours.

      Drzim palce :)
    • Hadi
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      Hey mate and welcome :) From our website:
      In collaboration with PokerStrategy.com, William Hill offers an automatic bankroll protection for beginners. When starting out with your $50 starting capital, you will only be able to play in the following limits:

      * Fixed Limit Hold'em: Up to $0.10/$0.20
      * No Limit Hold'em: Up to $0.05/$0.10
      * Sit and Goes Texas Hold'em: Up to $1 buy-in (not including entry-fee)

      Sit and Go heads-up tournaments are not supported, since they are not suitable for beginners and we therefore don't offer a beginners' strategy for this game type.

      These measures are consistent with our recommended bankroll management method and will help you get through the introductory phase with a profit.

      The automatic bankroll protection will either be lifted after you've generated 50$ in rake or tournament fees or after 30 days of actively playing for real money at William Hill.

      It will also be lifted when you deposit at least $100 on top of your free $50 starting capital.

      The $50 Starting Capital expires after 14 days

      When you download the software through PokerStrategy.com you will receive a free $50 sum.

      However, if you don't generate any rake within 14 days of receiving your $50 starting capital (i.e. if you don't play), William Hill will retract the money.

      The $50 will also be retracted if you don't deposit at least $100 or play $50 in rake within 150 days. If you have less than $50 in your account at that point, only the remaining amount will expire.
      So basically, you'll need to generate $50 in rake or tournament fees at any time within 150 days.


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      Welcome to the community mate!!!!

      You'll find a bit of everything and everyone here, funny, crazy, sad, mind fuckers, intellects, adventure junkies, romantics, freaks but most importantly poker lovers from all walks of life who wants to improve and develop their game and help other members along the way! ;)

      Enjoy the site and best of luck at the tables amigo!!

      AKM :spade:
    • urnitemare
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      "The $50 will also be retracted if you don't deposit at least $100 or play $50 in rake within 150 days. "

      That means i can simply deposit 100 dolls and withdraw 150 instantly? Because of that word "or"... I dont want to **** the system, im just curious :D
    • HannesZ
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      Yes, you can deposit $100 and then the $50 won't be retracted. However please be aware that then in order to make a withdrawal you will need to accumulate 100 Full Tilt Points.

      If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

      Best regards,