Dear Pokerstrat coaches. thoughts on PLO?

    • conall88
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      hey folks. I'd love to hear from the coaches at pokerstrategy what their opinions on pot limit omaha is.

      What I mean to say is, what do you believe are the advantages of playing PLO over NLHE?


      1) Do you believe PLO will ever grow more popular than NLHE and be "the game" fish are attracted to. < I never say media coverage of PLO on tv>

      2) following Q1), is it more worthwhile to study PLO than NLHE for SH and HU play?
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    • beefpuff
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      I'm not a coach, but my two cents:

      (I don't play PLO but this is what I hear all the time.. i guess you've probably heard this before)

      There's a lot more fish at the tables simply because it's a much more complicated game. If you study the game then you'll have a much bigger edge over the other players then what's possible at NLHE.

      1) Really doubt it

      2) You'll have a bigger edge (if you study well) so you can win more in the long run. However the swings in PLO are much larger than in NLHE so considering what your signature says I don't know if you'd want play it or not.