[NL2-NL10] stupid play

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      here is what can happend if you play a and your not suppose to or play i wrong shouldn't have played it i know but now that i did i should have raised

      dvorn3k posts blind ($0.05), Greg666 x posts blind ($0.10).

      guely calls $0.10, killermx folds, Kunerr calls $0.10, CBETKA65 calls $0.10, Maximus99505 folds, tsw46er folds, whitefang56 calls $0.10, dvorn3k calls $0.05, Greg666 x checks.

      FLOP [board cards: 8H,2C,2H ]
      dvorn3k checks, Greg666 x checks, guely checks, Kunerr checks, CBETKA65 checks, whitefang56 bets $0.45, dvorn3k folds, Greg666 x calls $0.45, guely calls $0.45, Kunerr folds, CBETKA65 folds.

      TURN [board cards: 8H,2C,2H,7C ]
      Greg666 x checks, guely checks, whitefang56 bets $1.30 and is all-in, Greg666 x calls $1.30, guely calls $1.30.

      RIVER [board cards: 8H,2C,2H,7C,4H ]
      Greg666 x bets $2, guely folds.

      Greg666 x shows [ 2S,7D ]
      whitefang56 mucks cards [ KH,7H ]
      Greg666 x wins $2, Greg666 x wins $5.60.
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