my name is Filip, I am 18 years old and I am from Slovakia.
I am playing poker for like 2 years in our city with friends, and so on...
Couple of weeks ago, when my 18 b-day was coming up I was looking for some poker site and I found this which even gave me 50 free dollars :)

My friend told me that Holdem Manager is must-have software for this, and even bought me micro stakes version for my birthday :) Cos he knows how much do I love poker and want to play as much as possible. :)

So I signed up, read basic articles of BSS and passed the quiz. Two hours ago I finally got my money to William Hill :D I like that up to NL10 and $1 SnG restriction cos I have tendencies to do stupid things :D

I know that according to BM I should have chosen NL2, but I started playing NL4 FR - 4 tabling.... And it went really well :) After 2 hours session (very often interrupted by members of our family) I won $15, which is 3 buy-in and i think that it is amazing :D

Image of my session graph:

In my session there were some hands I lost but I dont know if I should even post them there, because I played them bad and I know it X(