Now that I have your attention with the power of well placed Breasts. :D
I will try to hold it for as long as I can ( That definitely does not sound right,Thats what I tell her anyway .) This can also be an experiment to see the way some posts get unduly views while others seem to be completely ignored .Rightly so I know myself if it is not informative or entertaining why waste precious seconds of your Valuable Life ,Reading Shit you know already ( was going to say "Stuff") but that would not portray this cool persona I am trying to Create.
So Boring Stuff Ahead , SHIT. :D

This is where I describe how Charitable I am and what a Great Player I believe myself to Be . So who in there Right mind would want to Read this ?
Well if you can get Past the Duller moments in tournaments Waiting for a Monster than you should be able to get Past some of the Boring aspects of this Post . There is some Valuable information in this which will show you what sort of Plays you will need to make to be an Effective Tournament Player.
This piece of Literature :D was composed by Me about a year and a half Ago. So let me know if you feel that it is out dated.

Charity Event with three tables ( Don't ask me to name the Charity)
Buy in for sixty five Euro and two re-buy s for twenty five Euro each.
First Re-buy being for 5,000 chips and the Second for 6,000.
I love the Fact that Casinos really know how to feed from psychological incentive s Like these .Notice how I gave Euro a capital E. Exactly

With a starting Stack of 4,000 chips blinds begin at 25/50.
With such Limited starting stacks you think that players would play a bit conservatively , Not a hope, the first Pot reaches 6,600 with players trying to Outdraw one another let alone hitting the Flop and Turn.
At this stage it is all about information Gathering.Mis -information gathering the majority of the Time but To Re-evaluate the Mis-information I will wait till they award me with a Platinum (MEDAL) Before I will Divulge such Priceless information.So Hooray for Medals A true reflection of a players skill .
I have Text Tourettes by the way.A funking Editors Wet Dream. :D
Yes!!!!!! I am beginning to take "CUNTrol" of it .For Now .
So getting back to the tourney I know alot of the players style and have a good concept of their range so this gives me a little edge.
So waking up with Pockets 9s Under the Gun I Four Bet to push drawing hands like A rag out of the Pot.With a strong table image I get One caller who I instinctively put on strong Cards Eg( A,K A,Q A,J A,10 or even high pocket Pairs.
Flop comes
4 :heart: 5 :spade: 4 :diamond:
Beautiful I raise 2,000 into a 3,200 pot and get called instantly.
Turn Comes
7 :heart:
He checks. My suspicions and instincts are telling me he is slow playing a high pocket Pair for Max value.I fire 3,500 at the pot again .He takes a few seconds longer this time this but still makes the call.
River comes
8 :club:
He instantly bets out 8,000.
I re-Evaluate my Hand and the Board .
4 :heart: 5 :spade: 4 :diamond: 7 :heart: 8 :club:
There are 22,200 chips in the pot I have 10,600 Left.
Average stack is about 12K at this time.
I take my time and then decide to fold my Hand.I show the folded Nines in the hope that the other player would show me his 6 or higher Pair.But he was wise enough not to reveal his Hand .
I believe this was done not to put my at Ease for making a GOOD( Not Necessarily RIGHT decision)Its the Not knowing which Tilts a player.So back to tightening up and Grinding .

Eight Hands Go by when I end up with Q,10 on the Button I called and hit the Nuts .Flop
J :heart: A :diamond: K :club:
First to Act bets 2,000 second player calls and I just Call .
In he-insight I should have raised but I was happy to keep the two players involved.Turn comes
J :diamond:
Both players Check I bet 3,500,first player calls , second folds.
River comes the Fatal J :club:
My straight is worth Jack Shit.
Player one pushes all in and yet again I fold .
He shows A :heart: 4 :club: which puts me a little at ease to the rubbish he is playing with .
Now pots odds and other Calculations would insist that I make that call but I refused too. And hence survived with just under 2,000 chips.

So I tighten up yet again folding alot of A rag hands,weak picture hands and eventually decide to Push with Pocket 6,6s as I have position,Get called by A7 and Double Up .
Next major hand was A Q of :club: suited
Raise ,Get reraised,All In, Call, Call Call.
Take down a three way Pot and get moved to a new Table .

Blinds have increased yet again.Ane the players who did not avail of top ups now do so giving them a huge Advantage .11,000 chips for 50Euro or 6,000 for 25Euro.

The Table which I was moved to has Seasoned Pro's more creative and trappier than a Pooter.(Kind of apparatus for catching Insects)
Some of the plays at this table would have Amateurs out the door fairly rapidly.
Players slow playing Pocket AAs,Full houses getting checked on too many Streets and weak As when hit even checked on the River.
It was a well Baited Table .As my stack was reduced to 7K my options where reduced to "All In" or "Fold".

Tempting Hands like Pocket 4,4s , 7,7s and K,Q where folded due to the number of players behind me and the hands they where waking up with .Under the Gun I look at pockets 88s and Shove .With my tight table image and Position it would take a Monster of a hand to Crack what-Ever I might have been playing with.And thats exactly what happened . The Button had Pocket AA s and the small blind pushed All In with A, J . Thankfully the AA s held up and I walked out in 14th position. It would have been 15th chips wise but my 88s would have beat A,J so I prefer to too suggest that I beat the half way Point . .Not Bad from from a Starting stack of 4k without adding another 11k for Rebuys .

So if you Have taken the Time to read this thank You .So I will finish with a Joke " Whats the difference between a Violin and a Fiddle?"
You can not be called a Pervert for Having a Violin.
Written by Bach Sampled from Air on her G -String .

All the Best at the Tables .
Signing Off