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NL10 bots/collusion on party poker

    • Donkey111
      Joined: 20.02.2010 Posts: 36
      I have found 3 players on Party Poker that play exactly the same way. I have emailed Party 3 times about them. Party told me to wait a few days the first two times back in December and they didn't even bother to reply the third time (this month).

      The players are dcasei, nfridid and fcasjio (there may be more)

      Here is what I found out:

      - They are all from Portugal
      - They started playing on party the same day (25-03-2009)
      - They use the same losing mid-stack strategy at 10NL SH
      - Pots played against each other have been played very softly

      Also (from my DB):
      They open raise 4BB with: A2s+,AJo+,66+,KQ
      If you open, they will raise you all-in with: 88+,AQ+,KQ

      In order to exploit them preflop, assuming they have a $3.5 stack and use the above range, you should call their all-in raise with: TT+,AQs+,AKo

      If they open raise, you should 3-bet them all-in with: 99+,AQs+,AKo
      (calculated by all-in expert)

      You may also call their open raise and play postflop. They are awful and often shove with complete air.

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