Set vs Set: Early Phase

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      Hi, I was just playing a $2.20 multitable tourney on Pokerstars and would like to share the following hand. Feel free to comment, I´ll appreciate any feedback!!:

      The blinds were 25/50. Early phase.
      My stack: 8,600
      mp2 stack: 1,300
      mp3 stack: 4,800

      I limp UTG with 5s5c. Other early positions fold. mp2 calls and mp3 raises to 6bb or 300. Myself and mp2 call, everyone else folds.
      Pot: 965

      Flop: 5h As Jh

      I bet 750
      MP2 re raises all in
      MP3 re raises to 1800.

      After thinking for a few seconds I reraise and MP3 shoves all-in. I call.

      MP2 shows: Qh2h for a queen high flush draw
      MP3 shows: AdAc

      Turn: 8h
      River: 3h

      Should I have played it differently?? Given the stage of the tournament? Should I have seen any warning sign??

      Thanks for your feedback guys!
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