Not a good start in pokerstrategy

    • denniscortez24
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      I had passed the quiz, then support request for an ID, I send it and its ok but requested another photo this time but support want it to have it along my face, I also send it, then they say ID Check fails???? I think if the ID check fails they should not requested for another photo of me along my face, It just make me stupid giving all what is requested.....
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    • Hadi
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      Hi Dennis,

      I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused. The fraud check is unfortunately a necessity as we have thousands upon thousands of registrations, many of which are fraudsters trying to claim the free $50 more than once.

      Sometimes this affects honest users registering for the first time - however due to security reasons we're unable to disclose the exact reason why your ID check failed.

      However, failing the ID check simply means being ineligible for the $50 starting capital. If you decide to cash in, you can make use of our first deposit offers and use your new bankroll to earn strategy points :)