bet365 Pantheon Challenge: Discussion and Update Thread

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      Starting on the 1st of March and lasting for 3 months, bet365 and bring you a points race sent from the heavens. Start collecting StrategyPoints for big cash rewards now.

      What can I get from the Pantheon Challenge?
      • Cash rewards for StrategyPoints - collect as many SP as you can from the 1st of March to the 31st of May
      • Check the scroll below for the Pantheon Challenge StrategyPoint cash awards

      What are the requirements?
      All you need to participate is a tracked bet365 account with Join now and we'll give you a 200% bonus up to $600.

      How many StrategyPoints do I need to make?
      • Collect at least 1,200 StrategyPoints over 3 months to get cash rewards
      • The promotion is attractive for players of most limits, for example:
        Heaphaestus stage is achieved with 1,200 SP over 3 months and wins you $50
        Zeus stage is achieved with 300,000 SP over 3 months and wins you $25,000
      • For every $1 rake you get 4SP - everything is possible!

      Join bet365 and take part in the Pantheon Challenge

      We will update the first answer regularly with your StrategyPoints status.

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