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Hello. My name is Arturs and I've been looking for a staker for a while. I've been playing poker since i was a child. I consider myself as a quite solid mtt player. Here are my stats in FTP(dont forget to choose from 'all date') -> http://pokerprolabs.com/topsharkpro?pnid=2&pn=mighty_arch&tt=mtt

How u see i have had a big win just about a year ago but thats not all. I' ve also won 600 bucks by taking the 4th place in a FTP freeroll.(pokerprolabs doesnt show this tournament). I've also had some LIVE poker cashes and in December got a first place in a 50$ freezout. Total LIVE poker profit is over 1,000$. Just for information.

So how i had said before - i need a staker to rebuild myself a bankroll. I have wirthdrawed all the money i had in poker and spent it in unnecessary things. From now on i am planning to become much more professional in poker. Thats why i am looking for a long term staker.

The limit i would like to be playing in is 11$ but i know no one is gonna stake me in such a high limits before i havent proved myself in lower limits. So i am open in a 6$ limit for a try out.

p.s. the feedback - archeeye's feedback