a few questions about hem stats with sit and goes

    • johny8984
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      hey all been looking threw hem and have a few questions

      in the data view tab for tourneys $EVwon

      is this figure with or with out the buyin priced in???

      ie: buyin 1.75 $evwon 0.34 does this mean that ev wise im minus -1.41 or does this mean ev wise i should have won 2.09 ??

      also my graph luck adjusted winnings is running away from my winnings does this feature work properly and am i ev wise just losing money ??
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    • pzhon
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      There are some bugs in HEM's luck adjustment if you play some types of tournaments like multitable SNGs. HEM seems to assume you are at the final table with a 50-30-20 structure even if you are not at the final table. It is possible that the luck adjustment will not be correct when 3 or more players get all-in, since it may not handle the side pots properly. It should work well if you play 9-player SNGs with a 50-30-20 structure.

      I believe the data view's EV won does not subtract the buy-in, just as the $ won does not. Don't read too much into the adjusted results of any 1 tournament, just as the unadjusted results of 2 tournaments do not say much.