Fish in a NL steak (NL10/NL25 SH BSS)

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      :diamond: Introduction:

      For those who don't know me yet, I am a 20 year old computer science student from Slovenia, a former pokerstrategy FL voluntary hand judge and a former pokerstrategy moderator.

      :diamond: Poker:

      Pokerwise, I've played mostly FL with decent success in the past, some SNGs at which I was mostly breakeven and some MTTs at which i suck ;) . I've taken a break from the poker carreer in the middle of August 2010 as I've encountered a too big of a FL downswing, (I believe it was something like 800BB) which totally took away my desire to play poker.

      Later on I've got a pretty well paid temporary job (like 15€/hour + work at home, no downswings ;) ) and made quite a few thousand € with it, spent most of it on more or less useful stuff, now I have some left and I realized that the only way for me not to spend all my money is to put some in the poker account... I do not have much time on my hands (perhaps 1-2 hours of free time a day) due to university and personal life, however I shall try to play an hour or two of poker a day if possible (and study my game a bit whenever possible).

      Now I've decided to give NL BSS a try as I've never really played it, I have a BR that is sufficient for NL25, but until I am confident enough in my game, I should probably stick to NL10. I do remember some stuff from FL so it shouldn't take long for me to adapt to NL, there is of course a difference in ranges and bet sizing, but most of the basic concepts are pretty much the same (equity, fold equity, odds, outs, implied odds, etc). I will play at everest poker, the software is so-so, the players are rather bad and the traffic is ok.

      :diamond: Goals until the end of February:

      -Play at least 5k hands
      -End the month up
      -Prepare my game for NL25 in March
      -Get involved in the hand evaluation section

      If you have any tips for me regarding NL BSS, go ahead and write them down ;) . I will post some graphs/hands here when I have some time, and if anyone that plays similar limits wishes to contact me, here is my poker skype account: b-boy-fire
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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      Just played a quite interesting short session with some dumb/interesting hands.

      Firstly, a hand to justify my name:

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer
      SB ($10.44)
      BB ($10.57)
      Hero ($9.70)
      CO ($10)
      BTN ($6.20)

      Dealt to Hero A:club: K:spade:

      Hero raises to $0.35, fold, BTN calls $0.35, fold, BB calls $0.25

      FLOP ($1.10) 7:club: 9:diamond: A:diamond:

      BB checks, Hero bets $0.75, BTN calls $0.75, BB calls $0.75

      TURN ($3.35) 7:club: 9:diamond: A:diamond: 4:club:

      BB checks, Hero bets $2, BTN folds, BB raises to $9.35, Hero calls $6.60 (AI)

      RIVER ($20.55) 7:club: 9:diamond: A:diamond: 4:club: 6:spade:

      BB shows 8:club: T:club:
      (Pre 39%, Flop 36.4%, Turn 31.8%)

      Hero shows A:club: K:spade:
      (Pre 61%, Flop 63.6%, Turn 68.2%)

      BB wins $19.55

      However I look at it, there is no way I can make that call on the turn. Oponnent seemed to be a reg/TAG, not much info on him though, only like 300 hands and no reads. It's usually 2pair+ if not even a set with this line. Despite my luck at his actual holdings the ironic river brought me the punishment I deserved. But the results aren't important, my play was bad and I shall not play TPTK like quads anymore... It's FL's fault, bet bet bet :D .

      Alright, the second hand:

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer
      Hero ($9.90)
      BB ($10.16)
      BTN ($10.02)

      Dealt to Hero J:spade: 9:heart:

      fold, Hero raises to $0.30, BB calls $0.20

      FLOP ($0.60) Q:diamond: 2:diamond: 3:heart:

      Hero bets $0.30, BB calls $0.30

      TURN ($1.20) Q:diamond: 2:diamond: 3:heart: A:diamond:

      Hero bets $0.70, BB raises to $2, Hero folds

      BB wins $2.44

      I played this according to the SHC preflop, but I'll tighten up a bit in SB in the future. The flop is probably not that bad for cbetting, although I don't know why I only bet 50%, I usually cbet around 75% on draw heavy boards. Turn seemed like a good scare card but of course there is no way for me to continue after getting raised.

      Moving on...

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer
      SB ($10.03)
      BB ($5)
      UTG ($11.41)
      Hero ($9.85)
      BTN ($8.25)

      Dealt to Hero Q:diamond: J:diamond:

      fold, Hero raises to $0.35, BTN calls $0.35, fold, fold

      FLOP ($0.85) T:diamond: 8:club: 5:heart:

      Hero bets $0.50, BTN calls $0.50

      TURN ($1.85) T:diamond: 8:club: 5:heart: K:diamond:

      Hero bets $1, BTN calls $1

      RIVER ($3.85) T:diamond: 8:club: 5:heart: K:diamond: A:diamond:

      Hero bets $2.40, BTN raises to $6.40 (AI), Hero raises to $8 (AI)

      Hero shows Q:diamond: J:diamond:
      (Pre 67%, Flop 37.3%, Turn 45.5%)

      BTN shows 8:spade: 9:heart:
      (Pre 33%, Flop 62.7%, Turn 54.5%)

      Hero wins $15.65

      Is there anything nicer than a runner runner royal flush and a fish paying you off with a 4th pair :D ?

      Last but not least, a 4bet attempt:

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer
      SB ($11.01)
      BB ($13.05)
      UTG ($6.28)
      UTG+1 ($10.25)
      CO ($18.52)
      Hero ($9.98)

      Dealt to Hero A:spade: Q:club:

      fold, fold, fold, Hero raises to $0.35, fold, BB raises to $1, Hero raises to $3.05, fold

      Hero shows A:spade: Q:club:

      Hero wins $2.05

      Not many hands on this guy, his tendency was towards TAG though. I'm not sure whether the 4bet was correct, but I decided to stop being a pussy and start playing a bit more agressively (3bet and 4bet more preflop), I would fold to the shove I guess. I decided to 4bet because he could easily be 3betting me lightly BB vs BU to resteal. What do you know, it worked... But I'm not sure if it was a correct play. I can't really call it a bluff 4bet as AQ isn't exactly trash, but vs his 5betting range it's still crushed.

      That's it for today, I probably won't be playing during the weekend so expect some more updates next week ;) . And please do comment on my fishhands, I really do need to improve my game.