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I'm looking for a Fixed Limit Shorthanded (mainly but FR is good also) player who can help fix some leaks in my game with sweats, video reviews, advising videos, and things. I beat 0.1/0.2 & 0.15/0.3 FLSH with 5+ptbb/100 over good sample but having problems with some situations at 0.25/0.5 FLSH where I'm closer to breaking even.

Deal would be profit share x/y for z hands.

I have solid nl background I just want to speed up my learning in my FL career
I'm active member at Pokerstrategy forums, Deucescracked and 2+2. I have access to DC/CR/DTB.. etc videos. I'm online mostly from 14:00-02:00 weekdays (GMT+1).

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