Loose Agressive @ home games

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      Just came from home game table. Wondering how should i played this hand.

      So here it comes my first thread* at pokerstrategy.com and second post:

      6 Handed No Limit Holdem cash game. Blinds 0.1/0.2$

      Hero cards JTo

      UTG folds
      UTG +1 folds
      Hero calls 0.2
      Bu raises to 0.8$ (read loose agressive but good player)
      SB folds
      BB calls

      Hero calls.

      Hero has ~25$
      Bu ~55$

      FLOP: JT6 rainbow

      BB check, hero check, Bu bets 2$. BB call. Hero raises to 8$. Bu calls. BB folds.

      Now here i put my opp on 22+,AK,AQ,KQ,QJ,89,Q9,AJ

      Turn: K.

      Hero checks. Bu bets ~4$. Hero raises to 13$ and is all in.

      How i played my JT?
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