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Looking for right direction and help.

    • JohnTheGreatest
      Joined: 28.01.2010 Posts: 1,183

      I know theory (have read Easy Game, Poker Blueprint, ps articles and psuchology articles as well, including Poker Mindset and recently started Ace On The River) I know my opponents. And I know I have tilt problems (at online poker)

      last 1.5 month: deposit $10. Built to $62 (playing NL2 SH). >>> 2 hours ago BR busto by shooting NL5. Started up. Had some beats and tilted. This doesn't happen when I'm playing live.

      The question is should I stay at online poker?

      And I don't feel sad abt. money, I have no anger to opponents at online table. I seem to start gambling more when I catch a beat.

      Pffffffff........some time off of online poker.

      Actually I don't feel sad atm. I just wanna find a way to get myself keep control at the table.

      Should I get a coach or poker buddy to play with together and talk while playing online? Haven't try this, but it might help, cause I see a lot of potential in online poker in terms of money. and I really do love this game Seems it would be better if there was another person next to me to talk to and consider decisions.

      Tilt episodes doesn't happen often, in 1.5 month time - 4 times I remember, thing is: when it hits, it hits strongly.

      I feel and belive the potential in myself, I just need to find a way to put my energy and whole knowledge into the right direction.

      Someone willing to help or sweat? (6-max cash games)

      I have no money to pay you for coaching or sweating, but I can easily give you big share (in terms of %) of my winnings if youre ready to help me and my game in online. I can re-deposit after some time I think.

      Just now when I'm writing this all, I feel it'd be much easier to play together with someone and talk abt. game. (I just like social contacts more and I'm that type of person, that's why live poker > online poker in terms of people around, concentration and profit as well)

      Any decisions, guyz!?

      p.s. it's +$2, cause I don't have HEM on my home pc, only here in my presonal laptop.
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    • andiperusko
      Joined: 04.11.2010 Posts: 58
      Hi. This things happen to every poker player . If you love the game you can continue to play and learn . I think that with 62usd playing NL5 is no good BRM , variance can be huge and you can lose 5-6 BI in one session .
      I remember when i started playing poker last summer , i was really angry when i lost 2 BI , so i played like maniac with bankrol of 60usd at NL 25 , and at NL 50 putting all my bankrol at one table , playing and bluffing like crazy because i was tilted :D
      3 times i made up wit this play and when i had 330usd i played NL10 and again tilted when i lose 3-4 BI . So i started playing Rush 1-2 usd with almost my whole BR at one table , and tryed to bluff in wrong spot and lose everything in 1 single hand . In 2 hours of playing from 315 usd to 17 usd :s_cry:
      And after this happened i learned something about this game.
    • JohnTheGreatest
      Joined: 28.01.2010 Posts: 1,183
      Tnx, man! Good to hear this. :)

      btw, I reviewed my game and $20 - 25 lost due to beats, $20 due to tilt and $15 lost while playing $3.40 SnGs on Poker Stars, cause I used to play them, but bubbled one, last 3 didn't catch anything good at push or fold stage and busto! So tilt dominated last session.

      As I told these episodes don't happen often to me but when it hits, it hits strong.

      If anyone interested in, you can PM me!
    • JohnTheGreatest
      Joined: 28.01.2010 Posts: 1,183

      Mistake was I used way too aggro BRM, imo, I can say now. That made this all more uncomfortable to deal with.

      Didn't use proper BRM, made me tilt more or was cause of tilt I assume very much as well.

      p.s. my nickname has no connection with this. :D