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A friendly warning...

    • IDrakkonI
      Joined: 17.11.2010 Posts: 4
      A friendly warning...

      I will skip the boring intro and tell you that I decided I needed an Omaha on the go calculator / tracker. To get one for free I had to register on one of the poker rooms and play a number of hands there.

      Since I really love this place I spent alot of time searching for a room I can "sacrifice" and register through the software company.

      I found one, deposited 50$ and started playing. I had a free weekend, I've played SH NL TH, S&G's and PL Omaha. I was in the zone, focused, feeling great and I was tearing everyone apart. I was reasonably lucky, but not that much on account of cards but more on account of the opponents. I was playing tight and strong, I was taking breaks, I left the table when I had a substantial profit, did everything right and to my delight I went from 50$ to 500$ in 2 days.

      On the third day I decided to check out 0.50/1 PL Omaha tables knowing full well I was breaking all the bankroll management rules. The idea was I'll take a look at the game, collect some points, and wait for a hand I would gladly go all in before the flop. I bought in for only 40$ and the first hand I got was AQsAQs, raised, re-raised, went all in, and was beat on the river by two pair K 7's.

      Well it was easy come easy go, but I decided to try again, same rules, this time I bought in for a 100$. I waited, and soon enough I got AAKK, and got to call an all in for about 50$. As you probably guess, I was taken by a small straight.

      The majority of the rest of my 50$ went in on a solid hand but before the river something happened with my connection and since the table was "no disconnection protection" (didn't even know it at that time), my hand was automatically folded after a raise by an opponent.

      All that of course triggered a nice tilt due to which I managed to bring my bankroll to about 150$ in the next few hours (in my defense, not on those limits, I came down to a more reasonable amounts which I was plundering a few hours before).

      Then I realized what I was doing and that I'm still a 100$ up and I stopped, took a break for a day, and came back tomorrow, fresh and with a positive attitude.

      The problem is that it seems now was the time to balance out the "luck" I had a few days ago. I was playing low limit S&G's which I play rather well, and I was outdrawn on my 6 last all in hands. And in style such as my pocket AA's get killed on a river by a third A which gave my opponent a straight (he followed me all in preflop with 23) and similar examples. After the third one in a row I was sure my made hand will be outdrawn every time I was all in and so far I was right. The story is similar with a bit of cash games I was trying after the S&G's. Right now it seems (and the "curse" is still active) that I can loose with a premium hand to any too cards.

      So, the final count is from 50$ to 500$ to 18$ in a few days.

      Now when I look at what I wrote, there is nothing so strange about it, yes I had alot of success, which had to balance out to some extent, I was breaking bnk mngmt and I was on a tilt. Of course this happened.

      So what's the point of all this? 3 things.

      When you're on a really great roll, prepare for moment when it will all go disastrous and handle it better then I did. That moment will come.

      Never ever play out of your bnk mngmt range because it will either brake you immediately or it will boost your bankroll, make you greedy and then break you. Both instances will push you on a tilt.

      The third thing is, when you notice you're on a tilt, just leave the room, because a few hours later even that "small" sum you were trying to at least double up will be gone and you will be left with a feeling of anxiety and stupidity which you will then write about on blogs for all to see.

      (not to mention that I would have been at least gold here if I played it at one of the other rooms)

      Good luck at the tables........
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    • roopopper
      Joined: 31.12.2010 Posts: 4,289
      Thanks for posting this, hopefully what you have written here will help me from going on tilt on trying to double up! (I am guilty of this too). I'm stuck way way down on the micro micro stakes because of wasting my roll, I have vowed not to put anymore money into my account and build my roll from the $4 dollars I had left, im up to $11 and its a long haul sticking with the 5% buy- in rule but I'm hoping this will improve my game!!

      Big thanks!!!