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Tell me what you hate!

    • SighCoSocial
      Joined: 12.09.2010 Posts: 12
      Okay so this post/forum/thread whatever is to let out a little steam (and we know in poker there is alot of that) so I just want to hear about what you hate in life whether or not it is poker related. Hopefully others will read and add on and maybe get a chuckle or a new appreciation about their life.

      So here it go's,

      1. I hate the Mormons or whatever religious group they are who come to my door at 8 a.m. in the morning after I was out til 4a.m. getting wasted. I am hung over and I do not and will not buy your book.

      2. I hate after a long day when your trying to shoot off some knuckle children in the comfort of your bathroom when all of a sudden your co-ed roommate screams, nearly scaring the shit out of you (literally), and finding out it was because of a tiny mouse under the sink -.-

      3. I hate the automatic public urinals that flush whenever they damn well please. I think they flush just when there's no turning back to piss me off. I end up with a soaking wet crotch and now sit in class for 2 hours. (is there a fungus you can get from that?)

      Well there's 3 things that piss me off.
      Would love to hear some from you guys! :D
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