Recommendations for micro Sng's

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    • danutezb
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      FTP is best for sngs. lots of fishes, blind structure and traffic is fine :) GL.
    • gjtonysoprano17
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      Hey thanks for quick reply, ill check it out.
    • Ali1874
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      Instead of starting a new thread I just thought I'd ask in here.

      I've watched all of the Basic and Bronze SnG videos and have been playing them quite a lot over the past couple of days. I've finished ITM just under half of these times.

      I've got a bankroll that sits around $90 (so just under $10 down since I started yesterday) and I'm currently playing $1 (think this is fine for my current BR) SnGs on Full Tilt.

      I'm just wondering if a loss at the beginning is normal? Is playing SnGs advisable for beginners?
    • jonnyquest
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      SNGs are pretty swingy and can be tough for beginners, but with pokerstrategy materials you should be able to easily beat the $1. When I started SNGs recently I was really up and down. I was ITM about 40% of the time. I found that I bubbled out too frequently and was losing a lot of money in the end game. Turning all those 4th place finishes and 3rds into 2nds and wins brought my ITM up to ~55% and ROI from -2% to 18%. I don't have much of a sample size but I think with some review you'll be able to find some of that money.

      Good luck
    • HannesZ
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      As jonnyquest wrote already SNSs are quite swingy. So don't worry to much as long as you try to improve your game.

      - Post difficult hands in our hand evaluation board and our hand judges will have a look at the hand and tell you how to play it:
      Hand Evaluations SNG up to $5

      - Have you downloaded already our ICM trainer? It will help you to master the ICM model:
      Training: The ICM Trainer

      Good luck on the tables,
    • Ali1874
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      Thanks a lot guys.

      ICM is definitely something I need to get to grips with, I always seem to crash out at the bubble which is majorly frustrating.