finding your strength

    • diversfx
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      how did you find the best game for you? Sng's MTT Ring.I've just been going over my past month stat's looking for my leaks(which are many) but I found something very interesting Sng's average +40% ring - 21% MTT too small for any accurate info. This would say I should focus on sng's as they seem to be a stronger part off my game. Or should I be spending more time on my cash game as that's were I need the most work? Any options?
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    • Ave27
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      i just play what i find the most fun. I personally like NL hold'em, but i played FL for a long time cuz i was having fun. if your not enjoying it your most likely not gonna play your A game. i play SnG's every now and then to change it up but not very often.