Bankroll too small

    • icinko
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      Hi, can you tell me why I cant play 2 and higher usd sit and go tournaments?

      Seat denied – bankroll too small: According to the accepted standards of for a successful bankroll management, your bankroll is too small to play at this table or to enter this tournament. For your own protection and with in mind the goal to become a winning poker player, please choose a smaller table limit or a tournament with a lower buy-in.

      Its true that I registered to WH via pokerstrategy, but I didnt use your money to playing.

      And I cant play with my money.

      I dont uderstand it. Thanks for answer
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    • Midazolam
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      Hey icinko,

      it is because of the automatic bankroll protection.

      For Beginners: Automatic Bankroll Protection
      In collaboration with, William Hill offers an automatic bankroll protection for beginners. When starting out with your $50 starting capital, you will only be able to play in the following limits:

      * Fixed Limit Hold'em: Up to $0.10/$0.20
      * No Limit Hold'em: Up to $0.05/$0.10
      * Sit and Goes Texas Hold'em: Up to $1 buy-in (not including entry-fee)

      Sit and Go heads-up tournaments are not supported, since they are not suitable for beginners and we therefore don't offer a beginners' strategy for this game type.

      These measures are consistent with our recommended bankroll management method and will help you get through the introductory phase with a profit. The automatic bankroll protection will either be lifted after you've generated 50$ in rake or tournament fees or after 30 days of actively playing for real money at William Hill. It will also be lifted when you deposit at least $100 on top of your free $50 starting capital.
      If you have already achieved the terms and conditions contact the onlinesupport to unlock this protection.

      Best regards
    • fanepakpak
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      same here . didn't get the 50$ but deposited instead ( 2 times each time 20 $)

      it doesn't seem fair since i didn't get the 50$ and that i have deposited 40$ now and i have the restrictions on .

      oh well at least i will get in the 10k PS tournament and the 1k weekly tournament . this should cover for this mistake . ( this are god value tournaments) so its ok