I'm a pretty good player in most games, psychologically. I don't tilt, and I accept variance, but I'm having difficulty thinking in the long term.

As an example, it's mentioned on this very forum that you shouldn't focus on your BR after each session, but I always do. (Fortunately I'm usually even or up, but even so!) I guess it's just hard for me to think "Okay, 3 months or so from now, I shall have a decent sample size to determine my ROI."

I'm a short-term patience person. I'm happy to spend 20 minutes playing small-ball poker against a guy who likes going all-in until I find the right spot. I'm happy to play positionally in Chess when part of me wants to move in and attack. But long-term patience I've never been good at.

Are there any tricks for learning to think in the long term, like months, or do I just need so much time and experience that the truth becomes apparent?

I mean, I know intellectually about the long-term stuff, but I'm worried it may affect me if I end up going on a long downswing.