24tabling -> NL5 -> 60$ + NSDW above 0!

    • KillerFishes
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      Hello guys,

      I'm so excited!

      I worked ony my game very much, because I had some problems with non-showdown winnings ... Especially when you play a lot of tables it's kinda hard to get even close to 0 but I've managed to end up above 0 and it's not first same last 15k hands I'm breakeven in NSDW and it helps me to win a lot more! :)

      Check it out, it's today's session ...

      Do you want to know how to improve your NSDW (not only for multitablers)?

      Check my blog, I have a small tips there on which things you should focus it helped me a lot!

      It's posted on 18 Februar...

      Do you want to improve your NSDW? Click here! :)
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