Aight its the 4th day already and the same crap happen every day. I'll accept this downswing but I'm looking for motivation to keep my A-game playing.

Basicly all the situations where my equity is about 65-80% preflop or postflop they get crushed. I don't mind at all as it is variance, but 4 days in a row doesn't motivate me much. About 20 of those situations where I am 65-80% ahead I lose about 13 of them. I know it should "even up" in the long run... Its usually the fishy situations where you shove preflop with AA/KK vs a lower PP or you flopped the nutz postflop and fish still calls you with shitty equity and they still win in the end. And all of them full stacked (100bb).

Although I have reasonable results on my limit (7bb/100h NL10 over 40k hands), I still want to keep up my A-game.

Anyone have hints for me? :s_cry: