what type of sng are the most profitable?

    • zagajnik
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      I changed to sng from cash games. I play 18men 5.5 euro sit and goes.
      Soon I am moving to ftp and gonna play 10-16$.

      I wondering what are pros and cons fo different type of sng?
      I like 18 men because prizes are bigger then at stt, but still it is easier to be in money then at 90men or higher.

      despite that, I am wondering if 45, 90 or 180 are more lucrative?
      Better to play turbo or normal sng?

      In future are would like to mix sng with tourneys, but right now i look for highest profit.

      I really miss strategy article describing all that stuff about various sits.

      thank you for every input guyes!
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    • Raulss
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      Hi zagajnik!

      In my experiance 90 ,180 are softer than 9man sngs ,but they have a pretty big variance !!

      While ago I start play 5$ Heads up sng's and I found them be more profitable than 9 ,18 ,90 180man sngs. :)
    • aleXXa19
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      When I started playing I decided for the low-variance solution: Double Or Nothing... I already heard that 180s are really soft and I am thinking of trying these.

      Other opinions?
    • zagajnik
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      Thank you for replays =) .

      I have read some old threads.

      I am interested in a game with opportunity for a bigger roi (I play ma 6 tables, usually 4 so probably max grind of stt is not for me;/) and low variance (cons of 180 men;-(.

      And it would be wonderfull if I could transfer skill and knowledge from thoose sng into mtt (want to mix someties).

      I think right now about 18 men. better roi then stt and lower variance then 45+
      what do you think about that?